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MANUEL / GAS GAS GAS【Official Lyric Video】【頭文字D/INITIAL D】

  - 3:17

Originally uploaded to by avex Stream or Download (Extended, DJ GUN Remix, Inst, Acapella) GAS GAS GAS by MANUEL (Taken from SUPER EUROBEAT presents INITIAL D) Written by S.OLIVA - F.CONTINI Produced by DAVE RODGERS & ALBERT CONTINI Lyric Video Produced by Eurobeat Union 【SUPER EUROBEAT OFFICIAL WEB】 Do you like my car, my car, my car Guess you're ready' Cause I'm waiting for you It's gonna be so exciting! Got this feeling Really deep in my soul Let's get out I wanna go come along... get it on! Gonna take my car gonna sit in Gonna drive alone till I get you 'Cause I'm crazy... hot and ready but you'll like it! I wanna race for you, shall I go now? Gas gas gas! I'm gonna step on the gas Tonight I'll fly and be your lover Yeah yeah yeah I'll be so quick as a flash And I'll be your hero! Gas gas gas! I'm gonna run as a flash Tonight I'll fight to be the winner Yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna step on the gas And you'll see the big show! Don't be lazy 'Cause I'm burning for you It's like a hot sensation! Got this power That is taking me out Yes I've got a crush on you Ready now ready go!






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October 29th 2021  

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