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99 Percent- Lynda Szabo (Official Music Video)

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Originally uploaded to by Lynda Szabo Music Thank you to everyone standing up for truth and freedom. This song is available to download on all major digital platforms, itunes here: ⁣ Special thanks to Isreal Osagie, Martin Halvorson, Nanette Walker, Mitch Gauvreau, and Jessika Red. Lyrics: ⁣⁣ Verse 1: The wolves are coming out and the stage is set for new world order People still asleep yeah there must be something in the water, This is an opportunity for a reset, Give us your soul and we'll forgive your debt, Take off your masks of illusion to suit up for the revolution Chorus: We are the 99% We join our hands to circumvent this, Coup D'etat unprecedented Marxist law they've reinvented Verse 2: They've waged their war on truth and the casualties are quite alarming, So hide your veins the Global Health Cartel is coming Merge your mind with the machine Freedom lies in quarantine Pick up your sword of truth and join the hosts of angels marching (Chorus) Verse 3: Follow the trail to see them kill cheat steal for money They want to rule the world and now they want to rule your body Welcome totalitarian regime Chasm of the dystopian dream Gather hearts of courage to deliver up the message (Chorus) We are the 99% Our voices with not be silenced and In the⁣ face of tyrants they've Woke the roar of lions Yeah the roar of lions Woke the roar of lions We are the 99% We are the mass awakened Our faith will not be shaken Its the roll out of the revelations, Of the revelations, Its the roll out of the revelations ⁣⁣ Lynda Szabo 2021 Mixed and mastered by Isreal Osagie a.k.a ⁣Leannoth Psalm Written, recorded, produced, instruments, video editing - Lynda Szabo. Channel Donations:






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July 19th 2021  

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