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Hasselblad Debunks the Moon Landing

  - 22:40

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October 5th 2022  

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- 2 months ago  

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- 3 months ago  

I love a good conspiracy even when it's bullshit. That flat earth stuff is insane, but I don't mind listening to it. Same goes for this. 😂😂😂


- 4 months ago  

Another thing about heat and film. With no atmosphere and thus no convection heat the only way for heat to transfer to camera will be radiated heat by direct exposure to the Sun. The film back and loaded film would only pick up heat via direct connection to the body if the camera. Heat from the camera body would only infiltrate through parts directly in contact with the film. Also if I recall but I may be wrong Kodak made the film stock in a way to better withstand any high heat from radiated heat of the sun.


- 4 months ago  

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Johnny and Joe time

- 4 months ago  

No film can survive the Solar radiation over a 500000 mile trip. You can hear the hammer hit the rock when the Astro out throws it. You are an idiot


- 4 months ago  

Johnny. The distance traveled had nothing to do with film surviving. It's time in space and the engineering of the film stock used. There is no evidence to support the claim film used can't survive space travel to the moon and back. The sound you hear of the hammer hitting the rock was vibrations transferred through the gloves into the astronauts suit which was pressurized with oxygen. The microphone would pick up these sounds as such.


- 4 months ago  

I was a long time pro photographer going back to the 1980's. I know of Gary Fong but don't know him personally. 1: there is no reason to weatherize the camera as there is no atmosphere to cause dust to get into the camera. Any dust from astronauts walking will fall back to the moon surface quickly and not loft around. 2: space has radiated heat, no convection heat. The cameras were silver in color and would better reflect radiated heat away from the chassis. Plus the astronauts would be walking around. Anytime the Camaras would be in shadow by the astronauts the heat would quickly dissipate due to the coolness of shadow temps in space. The film would not be overheating due to these things. 3: the astronauts adjusted exposure and focus by using scales in the cameras. They took many out of focus shots too. NASA has all the images including the crappy ones. 4: the astronauts would not likely change film backs during EVA's. They loaded up the film inside the LM's 5: x-rays were a concern but not a constant issue to worry about given the relatively short mission durations from launch to return back to earth. I could go on but I won't. I'm surprised a long time pro as Fong lacks the understanding of how it was possible and did happen 6 times.