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Flat Plane 2020PLUS



Still NO Moon Landing

  - 3:47

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August 11th 2022  

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- a month ago  

If you believe in the intersection of shadows on the moon and you explain it by using multiple lights then I ask you try this experiment. Get an object and put it on a surface then get one light on it. Notice that shadow the object casts. Now add a second light and see what happens. You will now see the object cast two shadows. Add a third light and the object will now cast three shadows. Nowhere on the moon pictures do we see multiple shadows by any object or astronaut being lit up. This tells us that the moon pics only have one strong light source. That said there was a very slight other light source on the moon as it was light reflected by the earth. But it's intensity as compared to the brightness of the Sun on the moon would be very minimal. Of course the moon's regalith is a light reflector as well and it will cast reflected light back onto by example the astronauts being photographed here. The moon has a good level of reflection, just look at it at night. You are seeing it reflect sunlight back towards earth. This one explanation here by me dispells all thigh moon hoax nonsense.