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Jacob Rothschild - Covid is a Distraction

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Uploaded 2 years ago  

December 11th 2021  

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Category: Comedy



- a year ago  

Hang that piece of shit.


- a year ago  

The right to shed blood for gods sake The right to stop it for gods sake There can Only be one way


- 2 years ago  

Stupid money ...stupid population His voice is sooo creepy Hint hint to the lies he has ..


- 2 years ago  

These narcissists and psychopaths just can't help themselves can they? They manufactured and implemented this plandemic to see how far they could push the 'climate emergency' is the same as global warming hoax. Through fear, propaganda, media manipulation and bought and paid for (or compromised- read blackmail) politicians, they have pushed hard their totalitarian agenda. However, the climate change they know is coming is a little ice age. This will drastically change all our food growing zones and food shortages will cause major civil unrest very quickly. This evil man and those like him are pushing the medical tyranny to the limit so they can kill as many as possible with the so-called 'vaccines ' as soon as possible (it being very difficult to prove it's the jabs) and control the surviving populace under draconian laws. Now, when it starts to get colder due to natural climate cycles, they will then claim that they have saved the planet from global warming ... but all the restrictions on movement, free speech and censorship will have to stay since there really will be a climate emergency which they have known about for decades but they have been pushing everyone to prepare for the wrong outcome. Therefore, the fossil fuel infrastructure we all rely on so heavily, and which is the source of our prosperity, will have been largely destroyed. We will be freezing to death and starving and much easier to control as a result. Please wake up to this evil plan which has been decades in the making. There's only a few of them and many of us but if we allow and enable them to herd us like cattle because we are too comfortable with our lives, too scared or worse, just like them, then you will be sacrificing your children's future on the alter of greed this non-human and his like, worship. Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights, get up, stand up, dont give up the fight. Bob was spot on. We need to rise up and take these anti-human scumbags out.


- 2 years ago  

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- 2 years ago  



- 2 years ago  

He will own no one...,and he will NOT be Happy!!


- 2 years ago  

he's pushing the Global Warming hoax too...

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 years ago  

His time is up, that old viper is near the judgement from on high... have a nice day world as many of the serpents check out.. They all have reservations awaiting them, $HEOL don't take gold or stop for begging..