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HOT! Queen Camilla's Supposedly Deceased Brother Mark Shand AS REVEALED AND CONDEMNED AS A KILLER OF MANKIND BY MOSES Say What You Mean! (He did)

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He played the role of Mark Roland Shane, brother of Queen Camilla, wife of recently crowned King Charles of England. Coronavirus means crown virus, LITERALLY! THE DOTS ARE CONNECTED - AND THE KILLERS OF MANKIND ARE CONDEMNED! SEE MOSES' RIGHTEOUS WORKS EXPOSING THIS FRAUD HERE: Queen Camilla & King Charles Coronavirus Coronation DOTS ARE CONNECTED! MOSES CONDEMNED THESE FRAUDS "You should have faith in the vaccines. Remember that the CONSEQUENCES of the vaccines... " INTENDED DIRECTED THREAT of a demonic carnivorous creature from below your feet in the underworld of Sheol, Gehenna, and the Netherworld. Totalitarian dictator of autocracy. Sentient world simulation pusher. Evil devil. BUT he owns up to the SIDE AFFECTS BEING BAD!! " ... Faith in the vaccines... " He's told you: 1) Worship this drug. 2) A literal lie that the mRNA COVID-19 shots are a "vaccine"; they are not vaccines, they are antihuman demonic carnivorous creature eggs and a sentient world simulation with human poison graphene oxide which was developed by DARPA and it is Elon Musks' neural lace brain interface that is highly conductive with 5G, etc. and they also have this: Contained in the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: (Close-up of) Circuit of a quantum dot nano-router plus self replicating nanobots and numerous metals and spike proteins wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting public of those who got the shots as well as those who did not and the Category C bioweapons prions and SARS-CoV-2 and the bioweapon HIV and the bioweapon deadly weaponized mycoplasma and aborted fetal cells from satanic ritual human sacrifice from cutting off the cheek of a baby and mercury and aluminum and if I left something out please comment below. Thanks! THEN HE HAD THE NERVE TO MAKE UP RANDOM STORIES ABOUT SIDE AFFECTS OF AN EXPERIMENTAL DRUG IN WHICH THE ANIMAL TRIALS KILLED ALL THE ANIMALS!!! LYING BLOWHARD KILLER OF MANKIND!






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October 4th 2022  

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