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They don't look AT ALL as serpents like they do as humans! I have seen them eat human flesh & blood!

  - 4:13

The part that is most difficult to comprehend and contend with is that they are able to be invisible since they are the dead who rise again. - Mark 9:1. It's not a "select few"; it's quite a lot of them! Adjust your worldview. They are liars. The pathological liar is a term made specially for them because there is really no other way to describe their incessant lying in one neat term that is all encompassing of how obsessed they are with lying non-stop! Former Illuminati Trainer Svali interview about the fallen angels - demonic flying creatures and serpents are sea and land creatures that look human but are demonic carnivorous creatures from below your feet in the underworld of Sheol, Gehenna, and the Netherworld. In this interview, she is specifically speaking about a satanic ritual that she witnessed take place in the catacombs of the Vatican wherein Pope Ratzinger and Pope Francis take a small child that they gang raped and sacrificed. She also talks about the Bush's, including Jeb, that she witnessed do similar evil things. The fallen angels conceal themselves among the living. The second part shows more evidence of them with DNA proof that they are not seen by humans as well as video proof that they are antihuman flesh eating blood drinking ravagers! The entire Svali interview is good to hear if you can locate it. They scrub the internet taking down the true story about them. They lost the power and authority of Satan that ancient serpent; so this war was their answer to being removed from the earth forever and you are submitting to their will now which is for you to hurry up and get on with dying like they did and do on repeat - the dead who rise again - they worship death and destruction! When they talk about reincarnation this is what they're talking about - when they rise again - they are not eligible for eternal life because they are antihuman demons on their way to the sea of eternal hellfire. If you continue to reject Me the Light, you will follow. Amen.






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October 2nd 2022  

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