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The Definition of Criminal Conspiracy (English Only)

  - 1:20:53

Dr. David Martin with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Dr. David Martin is an expert on US patents. In this shocking interview, he exposes the decades long plan to create and market a vaccine for influenza to make investors rich. When that failed, the technology and gene sequences created in a lab were then seen as potential bio weapons and a way to create a manufactured crisis with a ready made cure lying in wait. Through US Patent Office publicly available patent applications, Dr. Martin presents clear evidence of a plan to not only sell lots of vaccines to rich investors, but to also inject a dangerous, pathogenic spike protein into as many people as possible to control world population growth. Yes, I know this sounds crazy. It sounds like a plot for a Hollywood film about shadow government conspiracies, but every piece of evidence Dr. Martin presents is publicly available for anyone to verify themselves. Don't trust what Dr. Martin says - write down the patent numbers he quotes and look them up yourself.






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July 13th 2021  

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Voice of Reason

- a year ago  

Here is the link to the paper Dr. Martin holds up at 3:10