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Wes Hamel



Gee! wonder why I've never heard of this guy?

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October 3rd 2022  

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- 2 years ago  

The assertion that chemotherapy fails 97% is a very big claim and should not be accepted at face value without calling for evidence in support. What anyone 'thinks' or 'believes' is the lowest form of evidence. In other words, opinions are essentially worthless (including this one!) because everybody has one. Numbers don't enhance veracity either ( viz 'eat shit a trillion trillion flies can't be wrong'). That being said, it is clear that when a system allows and enables monopolies, then some person or group will take advantage to the detriment of the many. This is true not only in the field of medicine but also in education, the military, economics, media and politics. Perversely, we are now technologically advanced enough that these monopolies are essentially hidden in plain sight. We see them everyday and become desensitised. This walking blindness is what we need to overcome. Things seen cannot be unseen, you can't unring a bell. So our best hope is that opening people's eyes and sounding the alarm will begin a ripple which will eventually become a tsunami. That being said, substituting one snake oil for another is equally foolish .... a little like the adage 'better the devil you know' ..... better no devils at all. The narcissistic psychopaths currently vying for power during their long planned installation of global totalitarianism ARE being exposed. However, what appears to be lacking is the level of awareness which leads to the anger required to make drastic action the only course to follow regardless of the consequences. If laws are unjust, we are obliged to not comply, if rulers are corrupt, we are obliged to remove and disposeof them. There are two things that the elites are terrified of and that we the people need to remember every day .... Firstly, the power actually resides with us and secondly, we outnumber them by orders of magnitude. Every journey begins with a single step ...


- a year ago  

Apparently, you missed the fact that what he is saying is not based on his mere belief or opinion but on a meta-analysis done globally of treatment given to cancer patients, or perhaps you do not understand the concept of meta-analysis, in which case here is a clear explanation of it:

The Red Pill Toolkit

- 2 years ago  

Thanks for sharing mate. His book is very informative


- 2 years ago  

There is hardly anything they make more money from than cancer patients. Decades ago I read that on avery every cancer death brings in 100.000 €. It's probably 2x or 3x as much today. Scaring people and then offering the only path to redemption is the oldest business model in the world. And unless you become a fucking adult and learn to distrust strangers no matter how trustworthy they look you will eventually fall for it and pay.


- 2 years ago  

Allopathic medicine, Rockefeller’s and Carnigie funded new medicine, kicked out everything else. There are hundreds of cancer cures , hundreds of ways to get ways cancer . You get cancer from toxins and electromagnetic radiation, vaccines are primary way , vaccines are contaminated with viruses( cancer causing ) , and you can pass it to your offspring. Conjoin EMR and toxins you have a killing machine. Why is 5g been rolled out an fast tracked for use. With no research, even it has 50 x more radiation than 4g. Answer because they want to use to electromagnetically stimulate what’s in the Covid vaccines. The vaccines are laced with EMR sensitive graphene , carbon/ aluminum artificial lifeforms , snake venom, hydrogels, lipids with disease causing DNA , and more, we are discovering more. All of those things will stimulated by 5g . What comes out the other side is Hailstorm of deleterious events , all designed to kill and make zombies. Ever wonder why all the undead movies and miniseries, you’ll see in real life. Swell


- 2 years ago  

It's sad, but very true.


- 2 years ago  

Bad manners.......Good business!


- 2 years ago  

Thank you! Look up his book.


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- 2 years ago  

WOW!!! Brilliant (and shocking......or not)