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Philosophy Overdose - Problem of Free Will & Determinism

  - 1:41:14

These are two talks that were given by Ricky Sebold back in 2013 at La Trobe University as part of an introductory philosophy series on philosophical problems. Lecture 1: Hard Determinism & Libertarianism If the world is causally determined, does this mean people no longer have free will? Or is being free compatible with determinism. In this lecture, Ricky Sebold discusses two opposing positions regarding the existence of free will even though both agree that genuine free will is incompatible with determinism. On the one hand, there are hard determinists who think that because determinism is true, then this means that free will does not exist. On the other hand, there are libertarians who think that the falsity of determinism leads to the actual existence of an agent that chooses freely. Lecture 2: Compatibilism & Incompatibilism While the question concerning the truth of determinism may be an empirical question, that is, it will be settled by the various sciences, philosophers are particularly interested in whether or not the hypothetical truth of determinism would rule out free will. In this lecture, Ricky Sebold looks at two opposing positions on this issue: those who think that determinism is compatible with having free will (compatibilists) and those think that determinism undermines freedom (incompatibilists).






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